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Boost Your Confidence with Permanent Underarm Hair Removal

Underarm hair removal has always been an area of difficulty for many women. Though there are a number of options available but they are either not very convenient or cause a lot of pain especially in the underarm area. A silky smooth body is a dream for many but the struggle to get there is enormous. Women prefer using painless techniques to get rid of unwanted hair.

Let’s look at each one of those techniques and see which the best option is.

Options Available for Underarm Hair Removal

1. Shaving

It is a painless underarm hair removal process which shaves your body to remove unwanted hair. This procedure looks very easy and it is but the biggest drawback is that it leaves your hair thick. When the hair grows again, they become hard and thick. You have to shave everyday in order to be away from your hair. There are different kinds of shavers available on the market but all of them serve one purpose.

2. Waxing

It is the most common practice carried out by women these days for removing underarm hair permanently. It is a technique where the hair comes off from their roots. This may sound good but the pain is a lot to bear. Wax is made out of sugar syrup which is heated on a high flame then with the help of a spatula, the wax is applied on the body where the hair needs to be removed.


A cloth is taken to put on top of the wax and it is stripped off in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

In this way, unnecessary hair on the body is removed.

Now what happens next? The hair grows after a few weeks and you would have to go through the same process. This procedure can both be done at home and a salon. One of the big drawbacks of waxing is that it is messy. You would need to clean yourself properly to remove any spots of wax. Some women end up getting their skin peeled off when not carefully done which leads to more pain.

3. Depilatory Creams

underarm hair removal

Underarm hair removal creams are very popular and widely used. These creams would leave the skin smooth and hair free. All you need to do is put reasonable amount of cream on the area of unwanted hair and leave it on for at least five minutes. Remove the cream with a spatula and your hair would come off easily. Sounds good?  Well, not so good till you see what they actually do.



These hair removing creams contain chemicals which are penetrated deep inside the skin.

The chemicals start causing your skin to deteriorate with the passage of time. Reports have suggested that some women have developed skin allergies by using such creams. It may be a painless option but not a good one.

4. Epilators

Women go for epilators for quick underarm hair removal. You just need to plug the device and use it. It should pluck your hair from the root leaving your skin smooth and hair free. The device can be used by anyone regardless of their age or prior experience with this type of a device. It is very difficult to use for delicate areas where it should cause more pain. If your hair grows in large numbers then using epilators is a difficult task. All you would do is “Ouch!! that hurts”.

Unconventional Options for Hair Removal

We have seen the three best hair removing procedures which are widely used. What I have concluded is that all the above-mentioned have some drawbacks which would be very effective in hair removal. Shall I reveal the best option here which not only removes the hair easily but permanently without any pain? All the procedure mentioned above do not have permanent hair removal strength but this one procedure would make your body free of unwanted hair for life with only a few sessions.

The best option I have come across is the Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X. This beauty product is the most promising one available on the market. People are now getting familiar with the concept of laser hair removal but less they know that it can be done at home as well. You would not have to go to professional salons anymore but at the convenience of your own house, you are able to do this job. Before I give you further details of the product, lets look into how the laser technology actually works.

How it works?

A concentrated beam of light is released which is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles. This pigment when absorbs the light, it would make the hair follicles weak and the hair would not grow inside. This effect can go on for weeks and even years.


laser hair removal device


The Tria beauty hair removal laser works the same way and leaves your skin fresh and smooth. Now the question arises, why only this product? There are many other products available on the market which might even be cheaper. The answer to this is very interesting. The most significant advantage of having Tria beauty hair removal laser 4X is that it works four times faster than other products. It means that if your hair might grow back after one or two sessions of using regular products but with this one, the hair would completely come off and would not grow again. This is such a powerful product to use which would leave your skin silky smooth permanently.

permanent underarm hair removal

This product works well for all types of skin. There are no known side effects which people might think they would have after using it. There are no reported allergies or diseases after using this product. The reasonable one time price of $449 at amazon would make sure that you get value for money. There is a 90 days money back guarantee which allows you to send the product back if you aren’t satisfied. In this way, there is less risk involved in getting the product. This is my first choice for permanent hair removal and I am sure it will become yours too after using it.

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