Choose the Best Watch to Buy in 5 Easy to Follow Steps

If you are a regular watch wearer and you want to know which is the best watch to buy, then this article is for you. There is a difference between a watch lover and a watch wearer. A watch lover would simply love collecting new and unique watches but might as well not wear them;  whereas, a watch wearer would wear the watch regularly keeping the technical workings of the watch in mind.

Nowadays there are smart watches as well as many other types like sports and water-resistant watches as well as watches that tell perpetual calendar and those with an unusual and mesmerizing casing. Those who are fond of wearing watches would be able to picture these watches instantly.

Watches come in all sorts of designs and mechanisms. It solely depends on your requirements and personal preference that what sort of a watch would work for you. Here we will discuss a few points that would help you in choosing the best watch to buy for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

Types of Watches

When we talk about watches, one word which would occur very often would be “Movement” of the watch. The word movement here means that how the watch progresses or moves and which internal mechanism it follows. It does not only mean the sweeping of the hour and minute hand on the watch’s face but it also means which technical workings are going on inside the watch. The movement of the watch can be categorized as mechanical, automatic and quartz.


A mechanical watch does not need a battery as it is operated by a mainspring. When the watch stops ticking, you need to wind the mainspring. It is a pure form of craftsmanship. The delicate inner gears and mainspring which is manually designed, shows the brilliance of the people involved. It is sensitive to the environmental factors such as dust, moisture and shock. It is also not very accurate and may give slight errors. The most important thing here is that it is very expensive. As it requires a lot of hard work and time to design a mechanical watch, it sure costs a lot too.


These watches work exactly like mechanical watches but you do not need to wind them up every time. They are known as self winding watches and keep working like this all day long. As they don’t require winding by the hand, they are much easier to use than mechanical watches but they are subject to change according to the environment. They are also as expensive as mechanical watches.


These are the widely used watches now. They don’t require hand winding or self winding. They are operated by a battery from electricity. The time is accurate and they are very much affordable.

After discussing the type of watches, we need to talk about what makes a watch special and what features one should look for. The following steps would help you determine the worth of a watch when you need to buy one. You can also visit for more tips, ideas and reviews about men’s and women’s gold plated watches. I especially love Peugeot ladies watches mentioned by F. Sid on his blog.

How to Choose the Best Watch to Buy

Step 1: Analog or digital

Analog or digital watches depend on your personal choice. If you want more battery life then digital watches are good but analog watches have their own charm. As mentioned earlier, quartz movement is the best in today’s time so analog or digital option would depend on how you like your watch to display time. Some watches also offer both the features and they are equally good. It is better to go for a hybrid option which would display both analog and digital features.

Step 2: Look for durability and longevity

We have often seen that people get attracted to lower price and beautiful outlook but seldom they see the most important feature in a watch which is the durability. How to choose the best watch to buy must include the material of the watch should be long lasting and it should have more battery life. Good brands such as Rolex, Rado and Tag Heuer have excellent quality watches, which come at a steep price. These watches are durable and very luxurious and totally worth your money. You can check user reviews on Amazon to get an idea of their durability, longevity and other characteristics.

The other good brands which are affordable are Timex, Seiko and Casio. These watches are also durable and have good quality.

Step 3: Check water resistance quality

Just make sure that the watch you are looking for is water resistant. The watch has to be on your wrist all the time and you can accidentally get exposed to water so a good watch should be able to stand the pressure from water. A good quality watch would always have this feature. All sport watches are water resistant and are good for any kind of pressure from the environment. The marking of 100 meters for a water resistant watch is the best to look for.

best watch to buy

Step 4: Comfort must come before luxury

Whenever you need to buy a good watch, always remember that look for comfort first. People often get carried away by the beauty of the watch and they don’t realize that it might not be comfortable. A comfortable watch is the one which does not give you trouble when you wear it. A branded watch would be comfortable as well as luxurious, so if you are prepared to spend a good amount of money on a watch you need to be assured that both these qualities would be present in it. The watch should not be too heavy to carry on your wrist and it should not come in between your everyday tasks. Make sure that it covers your wrist smoothly providing comfort first.

Step 5: Always check authenticity when choosing the best watch to buy

You need to buy a watch from a renowned dealer who is able to give you a genuine brand. There are plenty of good brands to choose from but the only issue is that people often fail to determine their authenticity. An authentic watch would be the one which would be durable, comfortable and water resistant. A good quality watch would always be authentic and would last long. The best way to check whether a watch is authentic or not is to look out for the serial number at the back of the watch. There should also be a warranty card which would give the watch its warranty. You also need to look out for the brand’s correct logo on the watch.


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