5 Effective and Proven Ways to Control Effects of Stress on Face

Stress has been found to be linked with rash, itching, bumps, breakouts, and what not. The problems sometimes give way to other serious skin disorders like acne and eczema. Moreover, stress can worsen already existing skin problems including rosacea and psoriasis. These are just a few of the effects of stress on face. Our stress levels go up even higher when we think more and more about all these problems and how to cure them. And the dilemma continues.

Stress is part of life, there’s no denying that. What matters is how you deal with it. Here I would discuss how to ease the stress and make your skin problem-free with simple, natural and easy-to-follow tips.

1. Eat Stress Free Food

It seems quite weird that food can actually help in combating stress. This is true as there are several kinds of food which help us remove stress from our lives. Stress hormones deplete vitamin B in the body which is a vital substance for health. If you snack on some handful of nuts everyday, your vitamin B levels would not drop down and stress would be reduced. Research has shown that food having high content of potassium are very helpful in bringing stress levels down. Pistachios are high in potassium and are helpful in reducing stress and lowering blood pressure.

Spinach is another good source of potassium and magnesium. Studies show that people who are low on magnesium have a tendency of being stressed and depressed more. When you take magnesium rich foods, it means that you are actually lowering your chances of having stress.

stress free food

Green Tea has soothing properties which reduces your stress levels and regulates your body metabolism. It is warm and comforting which is relaxing to the brain cells. A cup of green tea twice a day is very helpful in bringing stress levels down.

Indulge in dark chocolate if you feel low or stressed. This is a very good therapy for reducing stress and making a person happy. It reduces the levels of cortisol which is released due to stress. The chocolate should be 70% cocoa and do mind your portions as it is a high calorie intake. Chocolate also helps to control Premature Hair Graying in Teens as it is a health booster. Lindt is a good brand that produces great chocolates but you may also check out Ghirardelli and Hershey’s.

2. Meditate

If you haven’t experienced meditation yet to live a stress free life, then now is the time. Meditation can actually calm the body down and make a person feel light and stress free. The powerful effects of meditation can help us overcome the harmful stress. It is a process of concentration on one object or thought which makes the body and mind calm. Try and meditate once a day and feel the difference in a matter of days to reduce the effects of stress on face.

stress free life

3. Deep Breathing

This is my personal favorite remedy whenever I feel stressed out. Taking deep breaths would help in getting more oxygen which would help the organs perform better. The brain would get more oxygen and would function properly. It reduces anxiety and stress in minutes. It also boosts your energy levels making you more active and alert.

The best method to deep breathe is to sit on the floor and inhale deeply holding your breath for as long as you can. After few seconds, exhale deeply and let all the air out. Keep doing this for at least three times and see the results yourself.

effects of stress on face

4. Write your Heart Out

Writing anything which makes you happy is very therapeutic. Whenever you feel that you are down or you are unable to cope with things then writing is the best therapy as published in a study at Harvard Medical School. Take a piece of paper and a pen to write whatever you have in your heart. When all the emotions residing in your heart are written, you would feel much better inside. You can always throw that paper away once all is written down. The actual therapy is to let all your emotions of stress and anger out to live a stress free life.

5. Go for a Long Walk

Walking would help you get better and cope with your stress. It would make your mind come at peace and your body calm. Going for long walks have actually proven to be very beneficial for people who are always stressed out. A nature walk would be the best way to battle your stress inside. Look at your surroundings and see the miracles of nature. It would surely make you more relaxed.

Once your stress levels are reduced, you would feel the glow on your face coming back. The skin would flush out toxins when you sweat through exercise and your body would become healthier. The main focus here is to reduce stress levels. If you think you are unable to cope with your stress levels then you can always seek medical help.

There are professional doctors out there who would bring your stress levels down immediately. It is always good to reduce stress naturally. Whenever I feel low on energy and depressed, I prefer to take the natural route. I go for long walks and start deep breathing. It instantly gives me my energy back and I feel more relieved. Start a stress free life with the tips mentioned above, and have a more optimistic approach for your life in order to stay away from all kinds of effects of stress on face.

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