Tips and Guidelines for Top 5 Easy Nail Art Designs

Nail art has been one of the most creative and interesting fashion activities. I am a huge fan of nail art and it totally mesmerizes me when I see such amazing designs on the nails. There is so much that you can easily do with your nails to make them look beautiful. The nail art simply is a way to paint, decorate and embellish your nails. There are also many ways to do it. I would discuss the various ways to get nail art done and these are the easy nail art designs.

Tips for Easy Nail Art Designs

Keep Your Nails Clean

Let’s first discuss how the nails need to be prepared for the paint and decorate activity. Nail art would look good on long nails which need to be properly manicured. You need to make sure that your nails are healthy and clean. For healthy nails, you need to be having enough calcium and vitamins so that they don’t break easily. When once you achieve good, healthy and long nails, you need to keep them clean.

Get a Good Manicure Done

A good manicure includes the proper cleansing, filing and massage of your hands and nails. The nails would be properly cut and cleaned. Manicure makes the nails look neat and tidy. I get a manicure every two weeks just to make sure that my nails are very neat.

Tip: There is a tip for those who would like to grow their nails longer. Take a piece of garlic and rub on your nails every night before going to bed. You will see a noticeable difference in a matter of few weeks.

Remove Old Nail Polish

You need to remove any old nail polish which is still on your nails. Never scrape your nail polish off your nails. There is a better and refined way to remove nail polish by a nail polish remover.

Trim and File the Nails

You need to cut the nails neatly but don’t make them short. For nail art, you would need some space to work on. The filing would remove any rough edges which would make the nails very sharp.

Apply Basecoat

The basecoat is a nail polish which prepares the nail for the nail art. It is just similar to applying a primer before using foundation which lets the makeup stick to the face for long. Base coat is mostly transparent or nude colored. The base coat would also protect the nails from getting damaged by nail polish. Sometimes the nail polish leaves yellowish stains on the nails which makes them look very ugly. Always apply a basecoat before applying your nail polish.

Once the nails have been prepared for the nail art, the following steps would help in making the nails look beautiful.

Basic Easy Nail Art Designs For 2018

1. Striped Nails

easy nail art designs

Striped nails have always inspired me to go for it! This was the basic style I learnt when I started doing nail art. This style is not only simple but looks very good too. You can form many designs by using this method.

For a basic two color striped look, you would need a tape and two nail polishes of different color. You can use any tape you want but you would have to cut the tape in thin stripes and by thin I mean really thin stripes. When once you have cut the thin stripes of tape, you would need to apply the base color.

Here I will teach you how to do a black and white striped nail. For this type, you would apply a black colored nail polish first. Now put the thin stripes of tape on to the nail when the black nail polish dries up. Do it in horizontal lines. After putting the thin stripes of tape, you would have to apply the white nail polish on top. Fully cover the nail with the white nail polish. Let it dry for a while. Now start taking the tape off the nail. You would see how beautifully the stripes are formed. It is also possible to try vertical and diagonal lines with this method. Another option is to use different color combinations to suit your style.

2. Floral Nail Art

easy nail art designs

This is the most common and one of the most beautiful nail art designs. On the personal front, I love to wear floral prints and have floral design nails. It simply reminds me of the exquisite spring with blooming flowers all around. This design surely is a mood booster for those who are having a bad day!

You would need three nail polishes of color red, orange and white. The only tool you would need is a toothpick here. You can make beautiful designs with the toothpick but lets first do the basic one.

Apply the base color orange and do all the nails. Now take the toothpick and dip the tip of it in the white colored nail polish. Try to work out the petals of the flower on the extreme ends of the nail. Take another toothpick and dip it in red color. Apply a tiny dot in the center of the petals formed. Let it dry and enjoy the lovely floral design. This can be done in different colors to match your outfit.

3. Bow Nail Design

easy nail art designs

This one is a little harder than the easy nail art designs described above. For this type, you would need a fine paint brush which you can easily get from any art shop. The base would be white with a black bow with an embellishment. First apply your nude color nail polish. Paint the tip of your nails white just like you do in a French manicure. Take the paint brush and dip it in black nail polish. Draw a line at the edge of where the white color ends. Make a bow by making two tiny triangles. When the nail polish dries, put the stick on diamante in the center.

4. Checkered Nail Art

easy nail art designs

This is the most classic nail design which can be done in many different color combinations. It is simple yet elegant! All you need to do is apply the base color such as red. We will choose red this time as I find it very classy for a big event. You can also get it done for a casual event. It totally depends on what you have to wear. I mostly do the checkered designs when I wear simple and single colored outfit.

Take the red nail polish and apply as the base. Now you need a fine tipped paint brush and dip it in black color. Make the tic tac toe design which everybody knows how to play. You would need to fill it up at appropriate boxes. Once this is done, let it dry and admire your beautiful nails.

5. Polka Dots Nail Art

easy nail art designs

The evergreen polka dots design can never go outdated. I have always found polka dots very pretty and they always stay in fashion. I mostly do polka dots nail art with a plain top for a complete casual look. So this spring, try out different polka dot designs and enjoy!!

For a basic polka dot design, you would need a toothpick and two different nail polishes. I would be using light blue and white here. Apply blue nail polish on your nails and let it dry. Take a toothpick and insert the tip into white nail polish. Make small circles and fill up the whole nail. Do this wit all the nails and let it dry. You’re done!



Now try this out with various colors and you would simply fall in love with these easy nail art designs. When I started doing it, I felt so relaxed and ecstatic! This gave me a good activity to keep myself busy and my nails pretty at the same time. I used to try out different designs and my creative instincts pulled me into doing more intricate ones. Let me tell you this, you do get hooked on to this!

I have discussed the basic nail art techniques and designs in this article. I would be discussing more detailed and intricate designs in more articles to come. Try these easy nail art designs and with a little practice, you would be able to make more advanced level designs. This article is good for starters and would help them begin and explore the world of nail art.

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