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Top 6 Trendy Shoes for Ladies to Lookout for in the Year 2018

Shopping for shoes is my guilty pleasure and I’m always on the lookout for top trendy shoes for ladies. I just love to have different kinds of shoes in my walk in closet. I have quite a big size and whenever I had to buy a shoe for the size I had, I was told that the shoe was not available. It was such a disappointment at times and there was a time when I had to get custom made shoes. Now I can see that shoes in every possible size are available.

Whenever I look for a good pair of shoes, I go for comfort first. If your feet aren’t comfortable in the shoes you are wearing then it might not be a good idea to wear them. Whether you wear heels or flats, the important thing is to get your feet comfortable inside. Nobody wants a bruised toe or ankle. Women do follow fashion and style blindly but no woman would tolerate pain in the name of style. You might be interested in my post Learn How to be a Fashion Icon in 5 Simple Steps to educate yourself on what fashion actually is.

I love to wear heels at parties and other social gatherings as long as they are comfortable. Long heels are seldom carried effortlessly by anyone. We have seen some models carry high heels with élan and style. This keeps me awestruck and I feel what makes them do it like that. It requires a lot of practice with heels to master the art of wearing high heels and carrying them with grace.

Top 6 Trendy Shoes for Ladies

Here I would be discussing different shoe trends for the year 2018 and which ones you should get your hands on.


1. Christian Louboutin Follies Strass

trendy shoes for ladies


The class and elegance of Louboutin range cannot be denied. These are one of my favorite pair of heels which I simply adore. They go with almost every formal outfit I have to wear. The hand placed crystals give a very refined look. These crystals serve as an embellishment and the beauty of the shoe is enhanced. If you are confused as to which shoe should be worn with maximum number of outfits then you can blindly rely on these. Coming at a price of $1195, these shoes have a very unique style. The moderate heels are well suited for any formal or informal event.

2. Jimmy Choo Glitter Pumps

These are the most sought-after shoes for all events. From formal to semi-formal events, these shoes give a perfect bling. The high stiletto heels with leather finishing is just ideal for your feet. The nude blush color gives a perfect combination with your matching outfit. Crafted in Italy, these pair of shoes provide the ultimate comfort your feet desire for. Listed at $650 on Amazon, it is a must-have item in your closet. I prefer to wear them with all pastel shades in my outfits. They completely blend with them.





3. Chanel Transparent boots


The most prestigious brand one can own is none other than Chanel. The class and beauty of this brand is that the products manufactured are not only beautiful but very elegant and classy too. Their famous transparent knee length boots are the talk of the town these days. These are also known as rain boots which can be worn during the rainy days. These boots are high quality product and are not damaged easily. The plastic material is the latest trend of 2018. These boots would cover your toes but a good pedicure is needed to wear these boots. Kim Kardashian is already a big plastic boots fan and the trend is getting contagious. With low transparent block heels, these boots can be worn for long hours in the rain.


4. Chanel Transparent open toe shoes

trendy shoes for ladies

These are very chic and comfortable. The open toe shoe concept is not liked by many people but this one is really what you will die for. The bow style is just perfect for these shoes and the Chanel logo just matches the whole theme. The good part is that these shoes are very comfortable and can be worn for extremely long hours without causing any marks or scars to the feet. This beauty is priced at $1050 and becomes the gem in your feet.

5. Gucci Python mid heel pumps

trendy shoes 2018


What a collection Gucci has this spring! I am super amazed and completely in awe with their ultimate shoes. This Python mid heel pump is surely to shop for. The unique blend of GG logo and python style makes it an ideal deal to go for. This pair is vintage inspired and holds a metallic clip enclosing their renowned logo. This one is my favorite and I am sure you guys will love it too. The golden chunky heel is just the perfect length for people like me who prefer low heels for long hours. They cost around $1250 and make you look glamorous and classy.

6.Louis Vuitton Nomad Sandals

trendy shoes 2018


If you are looking for something semi formal then Louis Vuitton Nomad Sandal is the one for you. These sandals have block heels with moderate height which is just perfect for semi formal events. You can wear them with your elegant outfits and the name would speak the rest. The sheer magnificence of Louis Vuitton is the best part of getting these shoes. They have a leather outsole and the leather used here is that of a calf. The monogram simply makes it look more decent and different. These are one of the best trendy shoes in 2018.





The shoes I have mentioned in this article are the ones which I like. As everybody knows, shoe trends change with every year but the ones I have written about are to stay for long. These shoes have an unmatched style and class as opposed to the regular shoes we often buy impulsively. I have considered comfort first here and I feel comfort should be kept in any kind of fashion first. If you aren’t comfortable in something, you would not be able to carry it properly. The key to being glamorous yet elegant is to make yourself comfortable with what you have to wear. These latest trendy shoes for ladies would surely make you comfortable in the year 2018!

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