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Top Vaseline Beauty Hacks for Everyone

A lot of people have been asking about Vaseline beauty hacks lately, so here we go.

Vaseline petroleum jelly is the most common household product which has numerous uses. From babies to the elderly of the house, everybody needs this product to be on their side whenever there is a skin issue. This petroleum jelly product has been in use for decades and still very actively bought. Most of the people use it in winter time for their extra dry skin. Vaseline is also one of my personal favorite products, which I also carry in my handbag. It offers an amazing treatment for try and chapped lips and whenever I have to remove makeup, I use no other product.

There has not been a single day which has passed without using it. I would be discussing some very interesting beauty hacks of Vaseline petroleum jelly which would leave you hooked to it.

Top Vaseline Beauty Hacks

Dry skin

Most of us know by now that Vaseline is an ideal moisturizer for very dry skin. Our skin usually gets very dry during winter season and regular moisturizers don’t give enough moisture to the skin. Our body needs to seal the moisture inside in order for it to stay hydrated and youthful. Vaseline has been the best option for people with extremely dry and flaky skin.

If you experience cracked heels, apply generous amount of Vaseline and put your socks on. Scrape off the heels with a scrubber. You will see baby smooth heels within days!

vaseline beauty hacks


I have even seen with people having eczema that Vaseline works wonders. In eczema, the skin becomes super dry and needs moisture to be locked inside. So what better option than applying Vaseline on the effected skin.

Make perfume last longer

make perfume last longer

Many people sweat profusely and need some sort of a good fragrance to keep their confidence high. Nobody wants to smell bad and be in an awkward situation. If you want to smell good all day long, try this simple tip:

Apply your favorite perfume and dab some Vaseline afterwards. This would lock the fragrance and you would smell great all day long.


This tip is very effective and you don’t need to carry your favorite perfume everywhere you have to go.

Make your eyelashes longer without mascara

top beauty hacks

I often don’t feel like wearing mascara all day long. It gives my eyelashes a very stiff look. Sometimes I only apply petroleum jelly and it gives a more natural and soft look to the eyelashes. If u are in a hurry and don’t have time for applying mascara, go for Vaseline instead. You can also try this with your eyebrows and they wont move an inch all day long.

Use as a lip balm

vaseline beauty hacks


This is one of my favorite Vaseline beauty hacks. Just put in some beetroot juice in Vaseline and apply on your lips. It would give your lips a very natural shade and would last for very long. You can also do the same with cherry and strawberry for more natural red lips.

Prevent scarring

vaseline for burn

This is not a very common tip used but trust me its very effective. If you burn your hand while ironing your hair, (it happens to me almost every time I use an iron rod) just put a fine layer of Vaseline on the wound and it would prevent the wound from scarring!

Tame your hair

Vaseline can also be used on your hair in very small amounts. If you want your hair to be in place and doesn’t fly away, dab a little petroleum jelly on your palms and gently apply over your hair. Your hair would stay in place all day long. You wouldn’t need to use hair sprays or mousse because in that case, your hair would become stiff and might be damaged by regular use.

To help ease out your split ends, follow the same technique and you will be surprised to see that your split ends don’t show at all!

vaseline for hair

Hard pierced ears

When we don’t wear earrings on a regular basis, the piercing becomes hard and when we need to put the earring inside, it wont let it go. To make the hard piercing soft, apply Vaseline on the ear lobes and then put the earrings on. The earrings would slip so smoothly inside and wouldn’t even cause pain.

vaseline for ears

Use as an eyeshadow primer

vaseline as eyeshadow primer

Vaseline can actually be used as an eyeshadow primer. This means it would provide a platform for the eyeshadow to be blended well and to stay on the eyes for long. Before applying eyeshadow, rub a fine layer of the petroleum jelly on the eye lids. Your eyeshadow would stick to the eye surface and would make it stay for longer time.

After-shave moisturizer

This one’s for the men out there. The skin gets very rough and dry after shaving. The best tip is to apply Vaseline on the shaving areas and the skin would become silky smooth. There would be no dryness and the skin would get the natural glow as well.

vaseline after shave

Makeup remover

Vaseline acts as an excellent makeup remover. Apply it all over the face and massage with gentle hands. Take a cotton ball and remove makeup. Even the harshest spots of makeup would be removed with this petroleum jelly. You wouldn’t need a cleanser for this job!

vaseline as makeup remover

Removing ring from finger

If your ring gets stuck in your finger and it hurts to pull it off then apply Vaseline on the finger. The ring would come out very easily.

remove ring from finger using vaseline

Removing dandruff

vaseline as anti dandruff

Vaseline has anti dandruff properties and is very effective against dry scalp.

Put little amount of the petroleum jelly on your scalp and see the difference in a few days. Your scalp would get rid of extreme dryness and dandruff.

As a cheekbone highlighter

To give a natural glow to the skin, apply a thin layer of Vaseline on your cheekbones. This would make your skin glow and it would also last for a long time.

vaseline as cheekbone highlighter

Removing crow’s feet

vaseline to remove crow's feet

Wrinkles are the worst nightmare for any woman. To remove any crow’s feet from the eyes, apply Vaseline around your eyes before going to bed. Make it a routine and do it consistently. You will notice in a few weeks that signs of aging would disappear from the eyes. You can also apply Vaseline to other parts of the body to remove signs of aging and wrinkles.




These are the top Vaseline beauty hacks which are not only effective but also save you money. Try these at home and wait to experience the most amazing results!

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