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A 6-Step Approach to Blemish Free Skin in Just 10 Days

A blemish free skin is the most desirable skin for women. A tiny spot on your skin would start giving you nightmares. Whenever I got a zit especially on my face, I  started thinking of the most horrible things at that time. “What if this doesn’t go away?” This question used to scare me.

As a teenager, I can say that I had the worst skin type. I can very well understand the struggles of having an oily skin. It was impossible to put makeup on for a long time. Moreover, I tried all kinds of oil free products but all in vain. My acne used to leave dark spots behind after being cleared up. There was not even one home remedy left that I hadn’t tried for my acne spots.

blemish free skin

I got so fed up that I started searching about acne more. I got more and more involved in trying to find a solution to this problem. All my friends used to say that I was wasting my time as acne marks don’t go away. The good thing is that I didn’t give up and today I am here to share the few secrets I discovered during my acne outburst phase. So lets first see what acne really is and how to deal with it naturally.

What is Acne?

Acne is a skin condition which comes out as red spots filled with or without any fluid. This happens when the hair follicles get clogged due to excessive oil secreted by the sebaceous glands. Most of the times, it occurs due to hormonal changes during puberty. Acne is a very common problem which effects teenage girls the most. However, we have already discussed that acne is no longer confined to teens in my article, Adult Acne Causes – Why Acne is No Longer a Teen Problem. But this can be controlled quite easily if certain steps are followed. I will be discussing a ten-day beauty regime consisting of six steps, which would clear out acne marks or spots and give you blemish free skin.

Get Blemish Free Skin in 10 Days – Step by Step

Step 1 (Relaxation):

Before you start doing anything, you just need to relax. This is very important as the more you will get worried about your acne, the more it will haunt you. So, the first thing is to calm yourself down and take deep breaths. You can also take up meditation for inner peace and it will help you overcome stress.

Step 2 (CTM regime):

Cleansing toning and moisturizing has been the standard beauty regime. This three-step process would not only make your skin clean but would also prevent any acne. Make this part of your daily beauty care and the difference can easily be seen in a matter of days. It would clean out dirty skin pores making the skin clean and clear. For more information on this procedure, please read my article How to Get Flawless and Glowing Skin During Pregnancy.

Step 3 (Exfoliation):

Now this is the most important step in making your skin glow. Exfoliation is the scrubbing of the skin which helps in removing dead cells and makes it clean during the whole process. We often depend on products available on the market but I prefer homemade natural products to carry out this process. You can easily exfoliate with sugar and lemon mixture. Sugar granules help in scrubbing and bringing the glow on your skin whereas lemon would reduce dark acne spots and clear the skin.

Take equal amounts of sugar and lemon juice and make a mixture. Apply on your skin and rub for sometime. Wash your face with water and let it dry. You will see a noticeable difference in very less time. Lemon would also remove excess oil from your skin. For women who think sugar is a bit harsh on their skin, can also use cinnamon powder mixed with honey. This is an excellent exfoliater for acne prone skin.

Step 4 (Face Packs):

If you wish to get clear skin in just 10 days, you would also need to apply some face packs. These face packs would ensure that your skin gets the proper glow which it requires.

Yogurt and Garlic

The most amazing face pack for acne that I have come across is yogurt and garlic juice. Now this seems a very odd combination but let me tell you, it does wonders to your skin. All you need to do is take some yogurt and add some garlic juice. Apply this mixture for some time and wash off with lukewarm water. Your skin would get radiant and blemish free within days.

Garlic has amazing anti inflammatory and anti fungal properties. It keeps your acne away from any bacteria or fungi which is responsible for spreading the acne all over your body.

Do try this face pack at home and see for yourself how miraculous it is for blemish free skin.

Tomato Juice

This one is my favorite when I really need to give an instant boost to my tired and sagged skin. Just apply pure tomato juice on your face and let it dry. Remove it with water and see your face glowing again. Tomato has wonderful properties which makes it very beneficial for your skin. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Tomato juice can also be mixed with yogurt to make it more like a face mask.

Witch Hazel and Rose Water

Make a paste of witch hazel (toner) and rose water. Apply on your face till it completely dries out. Wash your face with warm water. This face pack would remove oil from your face and there would not be any acne outbreak. It would also give the skin a natural glow.

Step 5 (No Squeezing):

The rule to a clean skin is never to squeeze any zit. It would aggravate your acne and would not give any relief. It is always best not to touch your acne prone skin. If you manage to pop any pimple, you would end up having blemishes all over your skin.

When I was not very aware of my acne and how it needs to be handled, I used to pop any pimple I saw appearing on my face. I used to take a black head remover and just pop all the dirt out of the pimple I had. I ended up having dark spots and blemishes all over my face. From my personal experience, I try to advice young girls not to pop any pimple.

Step 6 (Drink Water):

Drinking plenty of water would help remove all toxins and dirt from your body. The skin would feel refreshed and hydrated. The more you drink water, the more glow you would get on your skin. It is very important to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Eat healthy and drink water to make your skin blemish free in just 10 days.


These tips and techniques are shared based on my personal experience. I would suggest if anyone has any kind of allergy to any of the things mentioned above, should avoid using it. You need at least ten days to see a significant difference. Try to follow the steps accordingly and you will notice how fast your skin becomes clean and glowing.

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