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Enhance Your Eyes with Perfect Bold Spider Lashes

Your eyes are the reflection of your soul. How true is that? Many women like to make their eyes a prominent feature as they think it’s the first thing to be noticed in any person. Beautiful eyes would allow you to carry yourself confidently. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to put too much makeup on your eyes to look good but at times nude effect would be the key.

There are many ways to beautify your eyes using makeup and I have already discussed 5 Easy Eye Makeup Tips to Enhance your Eyes.

It’s time we focused only on the eyelashes to make them look professionally made.

bold spider lashes

But before we jump to makeup part for your eyes, it is important to look at your eye health first.

Importance of Eye Health for Eye Makeup

Eye health means that your eyes are in a good shape. To have healthy and beautiful eyes, you need to have at least eight hours of profound sleep. This would not only relax your eye muscles and brain but would also prevent any puffiness around the eyes from lack of sleep. When your eyes are relaxed, they would appear healthy and beautiful. If your eyes are too dry, you can always splash some rose water to cleanse them and remove any dryness inside. Similarly, your eye lashes are equally important. The beauty of your eyes lie in the eye lashes.

Healthy eyelashes would make your eyes endearing.


Why Choose Spider Lash Mascara?

Women have been using the regular mascara to their eyelashes for a long time. It is possible to have spider lash effect using a regular mascara but a better approach is to choose spider lash mascara, which has been specifically designed to get that special effect. These mascaras come in different forms which gives more volume and also allows you to play with different colors. The conventional method of making your eye lashes appear long and healthy has become monotonous. It is always a good idea to experiment differently with your looks. Whatever looks unique and chic comes under trendy.

I know some of you might be thinking that what more we can do with our eyelashes. Bold spider lashes have been back in the business for good. It may look too clumpy and messy but all we got to say is that it is the new trend and looks good if applied properly.

There is a lot more which can be done to enhance your eyelashes to a level of them being the new trend.


Choosing the Best Spider Lash Mascara

I wrote a complete step-by-step guide on how to make spider lashes but it is not complete without choosing the best mascara for this purpose. There are numerous products that make your eyelashes appear fuller but you need to choose something which best suits you. I have tried on many mascaras and the one amazing product I have come across is:

Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal Spider Effect Washable Mascara

This mascara made with safe ingredients for your eyes is the most sought after one. It gives your eyelashes the bold spider eyelashes effect you wish for and stops eye lashes to fall. The washable property makes it very easy to wash it off so that you don’t face trouble taking out the mascara. At a very good price, you can enjoy the spider lash effect and flaunt it with style.


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