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10 Celebrity Secrets for Glowing Skin and Shiny Hair Revealed

Everyone looks upon celebrities when it comes to fashion, beauty and even wellness. Celebrity secrets for glowing skin and shiny hair are especially high in demand because everybody wants to know how these people manage to look great all the time.

The glitzy world of showbiz attracts everyone and we just want to follow whatever the celebrities do. The aspiration motivates us to make ourselves glamorous. I consider many Hollywood celebrities as role models for people like me. The best thing I have learnt from their lives is that they never give up and always work hard towards achieving their goals. Hard work always pays off and gives unbelievable results. Similarly, if we put in little effort for making our beauty regimen flawless, it would certainly show in our personality.

I will discuss here some of the best revealed celebrity beauty secrets and yes all of these actually work! I have tried and tested them and now present them to you so that you would look more beautiful.

1. Kate Winslet


She is one of the very few celebrities who just has a flawless skin and beautiful eyes. Her eyes are always sparkling and look fresh. I yet have to see her eyes being tired or showing signs of any puffiness. She always carries an eye cream wherever she has to go. Even during travel, her eye cream would accompany her. She considers it to be one of the most important beauty products.



As Kate rightly said:

“A good eye cream is really important when you are traveling, busy and stressed-that’s when the dark puffy circles can get you.”


2. Victoria Beckham


The fashionista of this era and one of the most stunning celebrity, she makes it to the top chart of beautiful people. She has been a huge fan of Estee Lauder products and one of the best products she uses is the face sheet masks. This amazing facial sheet mask with a silvery look gives outstanding results. It detoxifies the skin, leaving it radiant and glowing. It is a must have before a big night out. All you need to do is apply the mask and relax for ten minutes. You will be done in minutes having a flawless skin.

3. Beyoncé

According to the popular American singer and actress Beyoncé, the only thing which makes a woman beautiful is her SMILE.


A smile demonstrates that a woman is happy and it also shows on her face. All her features are enhanced and the natural glow to the face does wonders. So make sure that the next time you go out, wear your smile first before anything else!

4. Gwyneth Paltrow


This stunning actress has made a remarkable name in Hollywood. She has proved time and again that age is just a number and the true beauty shows on your skin. Gwyneth uses antioxidant oil rich in Omega 3 and vitamin E. This oil is absorbed by the skin which not only moisturizes the skin but also brings that natural glow. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles to make sure you look a decade younger. This is the best among celebrity secrets for glowing skin revealed. A simple home remedy which doesn’t put you under the knife. It makes you a decade younger and your skin looking flawless!

5. Sharon Stone

According to her, a nice haircut would simply chop off years from your personality.


The evergreen and beautiful Sharon Stone has revealed the secret to her youthful self. A short and good haircut would always make you look younger. The kind of haircut you would want depends on your face cut and the type of hair you have. I completely agree to what she says as good haircuts have always given her a youthful look!


6. Cindy Crawford


The super model and actress has always been in the best shape. She has simply reversed any signs of aging. In other words I would say that she refuses to age. The little secret behind her youthful skin is MILK.

Yes, just milk on the face and it makes her look the way she does! Start applying milk on your face and experience the amazing results it leaves.

Milk not only moisturizes the skin but also acts as a cleanser. It leaves the skin healthy and glowing.


7. Emma Stone

celebrity beauty secrets


The most gorgeous actress Emma Stone has a beautiful skin. Do you know what she uses on her skin which makes her look amazing? It’s a very simple grapeseed oil. After taking a bath or washing the face, she pats it on a little as a moisturizer and doesn’t she look just so pretty. It’s the miracle of this natural massage oil which reverses the sign of aging and gives that natural glow to the face.

8. Jennifer Aniston

She revealed that she puts Vaseline under her eyes before going to bed.

I have always admired Jennifer since her F.R.I.E.N.D.S days. Not only she looks pretty but so young. Vaseline makes the fine lines and wrinkles disappear. It is such a simple tip but very useful. The first signs of aging occur under the eyes which needs to be dealt with. This beauty secret convinced me to use petroleum jelly every day to prevent any signs of aging.


9. Blake Lively

We all have just loved Blake from her Gossip Girl time. She is not only beautiful but fit too. As a mother, she has maintained a good body but the secret she has revealed about her has nothing to do with her skin or body. It is her lovely hair which mesmerizes us. This particular secret has been passed down by her mother and works wonders. She applies mayonnaise at the tip of her hair before showering and this makes her hair silky smooth and shiny. Isn’t it wonderful?


10. Nicole Kidman

If you have red hair and want an extra shine and boost then you need to follow what Nicole has to say. She uses cranberry juice on her hair to give that shine and boost to her radiant locks. It would not only enhance the red color of your hair but would also give it extra shine.



Now that it is seen all celebrities have their own personal secrets to follow. They have been using these tips for a long time. The key here is to be consistent and regular. These secrets would only work when you get regular with them. The effect would be seen in a matter of days and you will be amazed how it does wonders. So before you jump on to buying chemical prone products, give these natural remedies a try.  These celebrity secrets for glowing skin would make you look more beautiful and youthful!

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