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Buy the Perfect Pair of Jeans – 6 Trendy Jeans Styles for Men

Getting a perfect pair of jeans for yourself is not an easy task. Do you prefer a loose or relaxed fit? Or may be you are a fan of skinny or slim fit jeans? It takes a lot of things to actually figure out which type of jeans would look good on you. There are three important features to look out for in a pair of jeans. The fit, comfort and practicality are the ones which matter the most when you need to get a new pair of jeans. You can always keep different kinds of jeans for different occasions. From casual to semi-formal events, a man would need to wear classy jeans.

jeans styles for men

When men want to look good, they simply put on a good pair of jeans. The style of the jeans would bring out the personality of the man he has. Let’s find out more about the most popular jeans styles so that you can buy the perfect pair of jeans that would suit your personality and bring out the best in you.

6 Trendy Jeans Styles for Men

Here we are going to discuss six popular styles of jeans for men: skinny, slim fit, straight fit, tapered, relaxed fit, and boot cut.

Can you guess which one of these styles is missing in the above picture?

1. Skinny Jeans

I’m talking about both skinny and super skinny jeans here.

People often think that both are the same which is not true.

Super skinny jeans cling to the leg a lot and should be worn by slender built men. A regular skinny jeans on the other hand is looser and would not be too tight as compared to a super skinny jeans. Both the types are made for men who don’t have a larger frame. Most popular choices for skinny and super skinny jeans are Calvin Klein and Guess.

2. Slim Fit

This fit is meant for men who prefer a little more room than a skinny jeans. Slim fit jeans are mostly worn by men who want to get a sleek look but with a looser touch. These are slim from the hip to the ankle but don’t cling to the legs like skinny fit. Levi’s have a wide range dealing in slim fit jeans for men.

3. Straight Fit

A straight fit jeans are loose in appearance as compared to slim fit ones. These are cut straight from knees down and are relaxed from the hip to the thighs. Straight fit is most widely worn by men who prefer trendy styles which are also comfortable. The best choice for straight fit jeans is none other than GAP and Levi’s.

4. Tapered

Tapered jeans is a combination of both skinny and straight fit. These are roomier at the thighs but get slimmer from knees down. These are ideal for men who want a more relaxed look in slim fit. The best choices for tapered jeans are Levi’s and Guess.

5. Relaxed Fit

These are the most comfortable ones which are loved by all but they should not be confused with loose fit jeans. The roomier appearance gives comfort first. These are best for casual wear when not much is required to get dressed up. Relaxed fit would most likely be suitable for men with larger build. Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger have a huge variety in relaxed fit.

6. Boot Cut

These are one of the most popular jeans styles for men meant for those who like to get properly dressed up. The thigh region has a loose fit with a flare from knees to the ankle. Boot cut can easily be worn with casual and formal shirts.


Boot cut should not be confused with bell bottoms which have a wider flare.


Boot cut has a flare which is marginally wide. Abercrombie and Fitch have the best boot cut jeans for men.


When you decide to get a good pair of jeans, you need to first determine which style you are looking for. Whether you want a low rise, mid rise or a high rise in the styles mentioned above. Once you know the trendy jeans styles for men other factors like color and price come into the act next. Some brands are totally worth the buy but others don’t deserve all the attention they get.


For men who are looking for comfortable and stylish pair of jeans with reasonable price should go for brands like Old Navy, American Eagle and Wrangler. I personally like the quality of Old Navy and American Eagle. The jeans are durable with less price. You can also get them at the holiday sales at super affordable price. The jeans should be soft, stretchable and chic to match your style statement.

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