Best Men’s Perfumes for Office Wear in the Year 2018

A good fragrance would simply make your day. Many people struggle with body odor and it becomes very difficult to keep smelling good for whole day long. In my post Importance of Getting a Perfume that Matches Your Personality, I discussed some benefits of choosing the right perfume that goes with your personality. Here I have given a list of top 5 perfumes for men that they can check out especially for office wear.

The best way to keep yourself refreshed throughout the day is to put on a nice cologne.

Men usually have to battle body odor more than women, so a nice and fresh cologne would save them while at work. I have compiled this list of best men’s perfumes for office wear so that you can take your pick easily.

Choosing the Best Men’s Perfumes for Office Wear

There are various kinds of perfumes and colognes available for both men and women. Choosing just the right one is very tough especially when you have a feeling that there are many colognes which have similar properties . The fragrance could either be spicy, floral or soft. It depends on your personality and the time of the day when you need to wear it.

During day time, strong fragrance would not hurt anyone as men sweat more at that time. A pleasant evening would call for a nice and soft fragrance which would enhance the glory of that time. So, let’s explore the top 5 men’s perfumes to wear to work and even at evening gatherings and dinners.

1. GUESS by Parlux for Men

Guess by Parlux for Men perfume is my personal favorite and I recommend to everyone who ask for a good and soft fragrance. The fragrance is soft and not too strong and that is why it is often categorized as being “romantic”. It is not something that would make you stand out but has a nice feel to it. The perfume has the ability to make a man confident when he is around people and therefore it is best suited for office wear. Whoever wears this cologne has only praised it. So, if you are really confused about choosing the right perfume for your business interactions during day time, this is a safe choice!


The clear glass cutout bottle is very unique and it depicts everything elegant.


2. Cool Water by Davidoff for Men

This perfume is the ideal choice for day time activities.

Cool Water by Davidoff is a must have perfume for men for all seasons and it is definitely among the best men’s perfumes for office wear.  The odor is not too strong and just right for any day time event. This perfume is a blend of various fragrance notes like musk, sandalwood, jasmine and oak moss. They are gently blended and the outcome is simply great. I can easily say that it surely is a head turner at any event. The good thing is that the fragrance is long lasting and can easily last up to eight hours.


3. BVLgari Aqua Perfume for Men

Now BVLgari Aqua perfume for men has some admirable properties. The slender turquoise bottle with transparent liquid is elegant and easy to carry and it can make an excellent gift for the man in your life. The fragrance is stronger than the ones I mentioned above but surely not overpowering. The bad thing about any perfume is the excessively strong and overpowering scent. It can be worn during day at work and at night time events. It is also very long lasting and can easily last for three to four hours. If you need a versatile fragrance suitable for all occasions then this is the one for you.


This one is strong with the right balance of all the fragrance notes.


4. Tom Ford ‘Oud Wood’ for Men

If you really want heads to turn your way then Tom Ford Oud Wood is for you. The sheer class of oud wood is the most special ingredient. Oud wood is considered the most expensive wood used in perfumes. In other words, it is also known as the “liquid gold”. Perfumes which contain oud are expensive and have a class of their own. This is by far the most exclusive of the perfumes we have discussed in this article. It has the mossy and musky fragrance which oud-oriented perfumes have but the difference is that the fragrance is not overpowering. It is blended well and gives out a subdued scent.


5. Bleu De Chanel for Men

The fragrance is fresh and clean with no overpowering effect.

The classic blend of citrus and woods make Bleu De Chanel the best men’s perfume for office wear.  It is ideal for both day and night time events and lasts for a long time. It battles body odor with extra strength and vigor. This perfume is great for summer when a man needs something fresh yet sensual for any occasion. The scent is well suited for all kinds of activities indoor and outdoors. You can always rely on this perfume when you don’t know what to get. It would never let you down but would boost your confidence!

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