5 Amazing Branded Lipsticks for Your Beautiful Lips

Lips talk, kiss, sip, eat and stand out as the most beautiful feature on your face. The lips have to be taken well care of so that you can make them look more beautiful. Well moisturized lips are the best lips in the world. Dry and flaky lips would instantly be noticed and you might feel embarrassed.

Here, I would talk about different branded lipsticks which would make your lips fuller, moisturized and look absolutely ravishing.

1. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution

There are many aspects which make this lipstick the most sought after one.  The sheer class and beauty of this lipstick is a long lasting matte effect which hydrates the lips too. It gives a soothing effect which heals dry and flaky lips. With a combination of Orchid extract, this lipstick sure knows how to keep your lips fuller and attractive.


The rose gold casing gives a very classy appearance to the lipstick.

I just can’t go without having this in my bag. Priced at $55, it may be a little on the steep end but trust me, it would last longer than you think it would!


2. Maybelline New York Color Sensational

You must be thinking now that why I have put a Maybelline lipstick next after Charlotte Tilbury. Maybelline lipsticks are not considered to be on a high end brand. You won’t believe this that the top most beauty magazines consider this lipstick brand to be the most loved one among women of all ages.

It gives a creamy texture to your lips and lasts for hours without fading away. The great thing about Maybelline Color Sensational is that it has a wide variety of hues to select from. From nudes, metallic to vibrant colors, it comes in various shades. Just under $8 at Amazon, this one is a must have for every woman out there.


It may not beat the finesse of a Charlotte Tilbury or a MAC, but it surely serves the purpose.


3. Tom Ford Matte

There are 33 different hues in a Tom Ford category  and there is not a single shade that I don’t like. If you need to get smooth and velvety lips then this lipstick is the right choice. These lipsticks give the matte texture and still stay smooth on the lips. It dries immediately when applied and you are left with a velvet finish.

The most loved shade of a Tom Ford is the Wild Ginger and this is my personal favorite too!

With  Murumuru Butter, Chamomilla Flower Oil and Soja Seed Extract, these lipsticks know how to keep your lips fuller and beautiful.

These lipsticks make sure that your lips are hydrated well for hours without a retouch!



A little on the expensive side, I would not recommend that you go out and buy every other shade but you can choose a shade which you use often so it becomes a worthy investment for a high quality lipstick.

4. Kylie Jenner Matte

It would not be right not to include Kylie Jenner on our list. One of the most loved brands in today’s time known for its sheer elegance and class. These matte finish lipsticks glides on your lips and stays there for a number of hours without a retouch.

The creamy texture of this lipstick makes your lips fuller and hydrated concealing all your dry patches. This one is good for ultra pigmented lips which needs full coverage for longer periods.



Priced at $58, it surely needs to be part of your makeup kit. It would last for a long time and worth the investment. My most favorite shade is the WOODS Matte effect. It has a shade of a deepened rose and blends well with all other colors.


5. MAC

MAC will always be on the top of my list. It is famous for the amazing branded lipsticks they make. MAC surely knows how to keep a woman happy and to make her look glamorous at all times. The smooth and creamy texture on your lips with matte finish is just perfect for any occasion.

MAC already has hundreds of hues to select from.

From wild to subtle, all shades are just perfect.

MAC ruby woo


My personal favorite is Ruby Woo which gives me a glamorous look with minimum makeup done on the face. The lustrous red color looks good on almost any skin tone with just the right kind of outfit.







MAC kinda sexy


The other shade I simply love is Kinda Sexy which gives a very soft and elegant look. I choose this shade for day time activities and Ruby Woo accompanies me to night events.


If I have to rely on one lipstick brand which is branded and pocket friendly to some extent then I would go for MAC.



These branded lipsticks are an essential part of your make up kit. These are worth the investment as they last long. So if you wanna look glamorous with little effort, these would come to the rescue.

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