5 Tips to Choose the Best Foundation for Your Skin Type

There are numerous makeup products out there and it becomes very difficult for a beginner to select the correct one. Now choosing the right type of foundation is a very tricky task. Some women feel that they fail to get the right product due to lack of awareness. This article would help you choose the best foundation.

1. Identify your skin type

This is the fundamental parameter which actually helps you decide what product you are looking for. There are skin types like dry, oily and combination. For people with oily skin, you need to look out for oil-free products. Dry skinned people should choose a foundation that is creamy and silky. Most women with oily skin prefer a matte finish which would help them retain the foundation on their face for a long time but a heavy matte finish would also give way to premature aging so you need to be very careful.

Matte Finish

There are basically three types of finishes that can be achieved with a foundation:

  • dewy
  • matte
  • natural

I personally prefer matte finish as I have a very oily skin and I make sure that my matte look is not overdone. The moment I put on a creamy foundation, my face starts to look sweaty.



Clinique makes one of the finest foundations for oily skin.

Similarly, it is not a very good idea to choose a powder based foundation for a dry skin. The dry skin would become drier and would leave cracks on your face. It is always good to select a moisturizing foundation for a dry skin if you want to choose the best foundation.

L’Oréal makes the perfect moisturizing foundations ideal for dry skin.


2. Know your sensitivities

Now this is very important when you need to choose an appropriate foundation. You need to know how your skin behaves to different products. You also need to know what kind of allergies you would have by using certain ingredients. If you know how your skin reacts to different products, it becomes very easy to pick a foundation best suited to your skin type.



Tip: Always do a patch test if you are unsure about how your skin would react to a particular kind of foundation. Dab a little foundation on your wrist and let it sit there for at least 30 minutes. If you feel any itching then you might be allergic to it.

3. Look for SPF-based foundation

 As everyone knows, sun exposure can cause damage to your skin so you need to make sure that you apply sun protection formula products. Foundations mostly have SPF around 15. Some high quality brands make foundations with SPF more than 30. It depends on how much you require to protect your skin from sunlight. The more the SPF a product has, more protection it gives.


4. Choose one tone up or down


Foundations come in either light, medium or dark shades. You need to choose the one which is just one tone lighter to your skin or if you want a tanned look then go for one tone darker.




Tip: The best place to check the shade of your foundation is not your wrist but your chest or your jaw line.

The jawline gives the best result if you need to find out the correct shade. Just apply some on your jawline and leave it on for few minutes. You can also check the shade in the natural light to make sure it looks fine.


5. Keep summer and winter foundations separate

choose the best foundation


This actually sounds weird but it works. In summer, your skin looks bright and you don’t need to make it brighter so choose a foundation which would not make it look very light. During winter, the skin looks dull and you need to use a good shade of your foundation to make it appear radiant.






These guidelines would help you choose the best foundation for your skin. With having the right shade, you would get the confidence to carry yourself in style. You need to make sure that your skin responds well to the foundation you choose for it!

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