Glitter Mask Review – Go Glittery this Holiday Season

The concept of a glitter mask is relatively new. Did I just say a glitter? Yes, you got it right. A glittery mask is a peel off mask with particles of glitter in it. Now this sounds real fun. Just imagine working with all the beautiful colors of glitter. Let’s take a deep look into glitter mask review and find out what the fun is all about.

Shiny vs. Glitter Mask

Now there is a difference between a shiny mask and a glitter mask.

A shiny mask would appear shiny in texture and would simply work as a peel off mask. A glittery mask, on the other hand, has particles of glitter inside which gives a very rich look.

Some people would wonder, will a glitter mask be safe to use on the skin. The answer to this is yes, it is quite safe to use though glitter is still not FDA approved substance but it has no known side effects. Some people get hesitant due to the potential allergic reactions but the fact is, there are no signs of allergy when glitter is applied on the face.

Glitter Mask Review – Why a Glitter Mask?

Now many people would be thinking about the purpose of such a mask. This is exactly why I have written this glitter mask review. Such a mask serves almost the same purpose as a regular glow mask but it looks good on the face. If we look around and see, we mostly admire things with glitter and shimmer. This looks more attractive to the naked eye. When you put on the glitter mask, you would not scare people as u did with the regular one. The effect of a glitter mask is the natural glow you would get on your face. Your skin would become glowing and radiant.

How it is Applied

A glitter mask is treated the same way as a normal glowing mask. It has a peel off effect and would come off very easily. You need to wash your face properly and evenly apply the glitter mask. The important tip here is to apply a thin layer of the mask evenly. When the mask dries off, just peel it gently with your finger tips. If you apply it evenly on the face, there would be no residue left on your face so make sure that it is properly applied. When once the mask comes off, your skin would glow like glitter. You do not need to wash the face afterwards or apply any cream.

Glitter Mask by GlamGlow

This mask is being introduced by GlamGlow and people are already excited about it.

The silver case of the product has given it a very classic look. The mask inside is charcoal with tons of glitter in it. Just imagine how boring it would have been with a simple black colored mask which needs to be rinsed off. When applied to the face, it would no longer get scary for others. In fact, it would be attractive for others to look at what is applied on your face. We celebrate moments of happiness and joy with glitter and shimmer so why not enjoy and celebrate being beautiful.


GlamGlow would be launching this amazing product in the holiday season of 2017 and I must tell you, it is already getting positive vibes from the buyers.

We have seen glittery eyeshadows and nail polishes but never have we experienced a glittery mask. Women are excited to make it part of their daily beauty regime and can’t wait for the holidays to start. The company has stated that the glitter mask would have the same effect as their GravityMud product which leaves the skin soft and glowing. It also gives a tightening effect to the skin which would make you look young and radiant. Keeping GlamGlow’s other products in mind, if would cost somewhere around $69. It sure is a must have mask to be made part of your daily beauty routine.


Too Faced Glitter Mask

Too faced has also given a hint that it would launch a glittery mask soon.

Isn’t it great news? We already love this beauty brand which is known for its peach scented face palettes with shimmer. A few days back, co-founder and chief creative officer Jerrod Blandino Instagrammed a video with a woman applying a glitter peel off mask. He further wrote that this product would be a magical experience and we surely would have to agree. This beauty brand has never let its fans down. The first look of this product reveals the magnificence of its effect.

You might be interested in some other products by Too faced at Amazon.



This holiday season would be the most exciting one. Every woman needs to stay tuned for such amazing products coming up. These products would not only make your skin glow but would also make you attractive. More people are becoming aware of new techniques begging used. Now gone are those days when you can only get top class facilities at the spa. You can turn your home into the most convenient and wonderful spa.

Cosmopolitan and Vogue are talking about these products actively. So, all you beautiful ladies out there, make your holidays special this year by getting the most powerful beauty product in town. The products by the brands mentioned never disappoints. They would simply bring out the best in you and give you  the natural glow for your face. Here comes the best holiday season ever to make your lives filled with joy!

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