Uncovering the Truths about Charcoal Mask – What’s the Reality?

People often wonder what purpose a charcoal can serve in the beauty industry. Well, apparently a charcoal seems useless for people having beauty concerns but once everybody gets to the know the “special” qualities of a charcoal, it would make them use it just now. Yes, I mean it. These special properties of a charcoal mask are all over the internet. Beauty blogs and magazines are all praises for this amazing new product. There is no doubt that the results are also outstanding then what is the hidden mystery behind this product which needs to be revealed?

Let’s take a deep insight into it.

Truths about Charcoal Mask – Charcoal Beneficial Properties

is charcoal mask good for you


Charcoal is used as a detoxifier. It is used in many products to remove toxins and give a purified result. It is now being extensively used in beauty products such as masks and dental health products like toothpaste. Charcoal is now also being used to improve your digestive health. Our digestive system has to go through plenty of waste and needs a complete detoxification. This is the best solution to get your digestive track back on track. Similarly, charcoal is used in water filters to purify the contents of water so that many people have access to clean drinking water.

Types of Charcoal Masks

Charcoal is being used in the form of masks to make your skin look young and healthy. These products have taken the internet by storm. Celebrities and bloggers have amazing reviews for these products. The truth is stranger than fiction though. The whole process of applying the charcoal mask and taking it off seems easy. The tightness of the mask may cause some discomfort but the actual flaw is that it leaves your skin ripped off. It may be considered similar to waxing but worse than that. It actually damages the sebaceous filaments inside the skin. When you remove the black heads from the skin deeper, the necessary oil to keep your skin smooth also goes off.


What Does a Charcoal Mask Do?

This makes the skin look smooth instantly but would have a rip off effect afterwards. The skin would also sag and would lose its desired elasticity. You would not feel the rip off effect during the first application. The amazing instant results would make you jump in joy but when after a few applications, the skin starts to get dry and damaged, only then it would be revealed how bad it is for your skin. The skin renewal time is around 30 days and till then your skin have lost all the essential oils and protective layers. Your skin would be more prone to bacteria and other pollutants entering your skin. This would be a high risk area to go into as doctors have shown deep concern over this matter.

Charcoal is mixed with glue to give you the mask for removing blackheads and other impurities from the skin. Is charcoal mask good for you? It would be a nightmare for those having sensitive skin. This charcoal mask gives rise to more blemishes and uneven skin tone. So now the question arises, is it worth it? If not then what is the alternative solution?

Truths about Charcoal Mask – Alternative Treatment


We have the perfect alternative solution to this problem!

MYCARBON IPX7 Waterproof Electric Sonic Facial Brush and Body Cleansing Brush 6-in-1 Face Wash

This beauty device has the most amazing results when it comes to deep pore cleansing.



• It has advanced sonic vibrating technology for cleaning which gives ten times more cleaning power than manual hand wash. It leaves the skin flawless and radiant.
• The product comes with 5 different brush heads to match your requirements according to your skin type.
• The device has an IPX7 waterproof facial brush with vibration for face and body.
• It has 0.05mm ultra fine bristles to gently massage the skin without ripping the skin off.


• It gently polishes the skin to make it brighter and to reduce acne scars.
• It deeply clears the blackheads without rupturing the top layer of the skin. The epidermis would be intact to provide the skin with essential nutrients.
• It makes the pores smaller so that there are no open pores to allow bacteria and pollutants to enter inside.
• It reduces the wrinkles by the exfoliation process and tightens it through the massage action.
• The massage brings back elasticity in the skin and the nutrients are absorbed more efficiently from the beauty cream
• The use of this device ensures better blood circulation and metabolism.

Now this sounds more exciting than applying the gooey mask to get your skin ripped off. Sitting at a price of $25.99 at amazon, this product surely promises to make your skin look better. The rejuvenation of the skin would leave it silky smooth and blackheads free.

Some precautions:

The product is very easy to use and provides an excellent alternative to the all-famous charcoal mask. However, there are a few precautions to keep a check on. One must use the brush very hard on the surface of the skin or else it might get easily damaged. Gentle strokes would be enough to do the job. Just make sure that you don’t use it anywhere close to the eyes. It is not suitable for removing eye makeup as it might cause itching and irritation in the eyes. To clean the brush head, always use warm water or soapy water to wash off any residue left. Always start with the sponge brush so that if you have a sensitive skin, it would not hurt it very badly.

You can always switch to the hard brush whenever you feel the need to do so. After using the brush for two months, it is a good idea to change the brush just to make sure that you are hygienically secure.

Say good bye to your charcoal masks and switch to the more secure and safe power brush to make your skin look young and radiant. No black heads, no open pores and no blemishes.


Say NO to all your expensive charcoal masks and adopt the more promising and effective product to make it part of your beauty regime. You will see the results in minutes and regular use would make sure your skin is always smooth and glowing.

I hope you would have understood the truths about charcoal mask and the next time you go shopping for a skincare product, you will base your decision on these findings.

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