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Adult Acne Causes – Why Acne is No Longer a Teen Problem

Since acne is becoming a common problem among women all around the world, we need to explore some of the major adult acne causes to address this issue effectively.

As soon as you get up in the morning and look in the mirror, an ugly pimple staring at you would bring you the worst nightmare possible. A young girl in her teens would surely feel like the most helpless person at that time. “What should be done? What is the quick fix for this unexpected zit? How can it be taken care of?” These are all the questions that run through the mind when just having the first look at that ugly bump.

Adult Acne Causes

Acne has mostly been associated with teens and seldom used for adults. Let’s take a look at what acne is and how it effects people of all ages. Acne is caused by clogged pores of the skin. Hair follicles are directly connected to the oil glands which secrete oil to keep the hair moist and healthy. When the oil glands secrete more oil than required, the pores becomes clogged and leading to an ugly pimple. It would come out as a bump and slowly start building up with white serum.

Why Teens Have More Acne?

Teens have to face the acne outburst due to changes in their hormones. The hormone androgen plays a very important role in bringing all the acne to your skin.

Androgen makes the oil glands larger which in turn secrete more oil and make the pores clogged.

Androgen is at its peak during puberty which results in an acne outbreak.

What is Adult Acne?

The term adult acne is used for people having and problems after their teenage period. Usually after the teenage period, the acne subsides but there are many other reasons which makes it appear on adults too.

Major Causes of Adult Breakouts

There can be many causes of adult acne and some of them have been discussed in the article 7 Reasons You Have Adult Acne. Here is a summary of these causes;

  • Hormonal changes such as menopause
  • Switching to or stopping birth control pills
  • Stress
  • Certain medication having lithium, corticosteroids and other anti seizure drugs.
  • Lifestyle which needs to be changed
  • Dehydration

All these can lead to severe breakouts and might need medication to improve.

Adult Acne Treatments

Adult acne is a little hard to treat as it involves more than one factor. Your dermatologist would first need to diagnose the root cause of your problem. If certain type of medication is giving you trouble in the form of these breakouts then alternative solutions would need to be provided. As long as the root cause is still present, your acne would not go away.

Precautions and Care

The key here is never to pop a pimple or a zit. This can lead to more severe breakouts which would be difficult to control. You need to keep your skin clean at all times but only washing it twice a day. If you wash your face more than twice then the oil glands would secrete more oil leaving the pores more clogged. A daily cleansing routine should be adopted to keep your skin clean.

Medical Treatments

Your dermatologist might prescribe certain medication for acne if it gets out of whack. Retinoid is very effective in treating adult acne and is used extensively for unexpected breakouts. You can also use products or medicines that contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid to clear out acne and blemishes. These are usually available in the form of ointments or as a face wash to be used regularly.

Home Remedies

If you’re not satisfied with these medical treatments, you may want to check out some home remedies for acne that I have discussed in my article Top 3 Quick and Easy Home Remedies for Adult Acne.


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