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The Best of Japanese Skin Care Secrets Revealed

Ancient Japanese skin care secrets are high in demand because such flawless and glowing skin is not found anywhere else in the world.

It is not a mystery that Japanese have the most beautiful and spotless skin. Their skin glows like glittery gold and sparkles like a crystal. I have seen many Japanese women having natural rosy cheeks and lips. They put on very less makeup and still look the most astonishing among others. So what is the secret behind their amazing skin? I have provided my own analysis based on the research I have done and the secret is about to be revealed. Before going to the best of Japanese skin care secrets, let’s take a closer look at their lifestyle first.


japanese skin care secrets

Japanese Food

It is a known fact that the food you eat has a great impact on your skin. If you eat healthy, it would make the skin glow. A diet based on junk food would accelerate the aging process. Japanese food is known to be fresh and healthy. It is mostly comprised of seafood and sticky rice. Japanese cuisine or washoku is simple yet flavorful. The delight of the sushi and the aroma of tempura would simply turn your taste buds on. Do you know the benefits of having fish in your daily diet? The fish is known to have Omega 3 fatty acids which are important for the heart and brain. It is a good source of protein and vitamin D to keep your body healthy.

The benefits of the fish also reflects on your skin when you make it an essential part of your diet. The main component of Japanese food is the fish. The daily intake of fish not only keeps them healthy but also gives a natural glow to their skin. There is a popular proverb “ We are what we eat” meaning that whatever we eat, it would show on ourselves. It is very necessary to maintain a healthy and balanced diet comprising of fruits, veggies and meat in moderate amounts to keep you healthy.


Japanese foodjapanese skin care secrets


Apart from fish, Japanese take rice and noodles too. They mostly cook the fish in broth known as oden which is very healthy. The most popular among Japanese dishes is the sushi which is now commonly available anywhere. Sushi is made out of raw fish and taken as a good meal. The reason behind giving all this information about Japanese food is to give an idea about the Japanese lifestyle and health options which make them so healthy and glowing.

Japanese Lifestyle

Japanese maintain a healthy and simple lifestyle.  They mostly consume seafood which reduces the risk of many deadly diseases and making life longer. The average age of a Japanese man is 79 and a Japanese woman is 86 years. These numbers are very high in the world. The secret to their good health and glowing skin is that they consume a lot of fish and seafood. Secondly, they are hard workers. They work diligently and are able to do over time. Their hard work also pays off as they get occupied in more constructive tasks.

Japanese are very simple in living and other activities. They don’t indulge in unnecessary activities which might ruin their health and fitness. Most people after the World War II have started living in the cities and have taken places in the suburbs closer to their work place. As three or more generations used to live in the same house, today the dynamics have changed. Children live with their parents while the grandparents live separately far from the city life. The peaceful life of the suburbs is preferred over the busy city life. It keeps people away from any stress.

japanese lifestyle


Japanese people make sure that they consume more and more organic stuff. The more closer they are to the nature, the more at peace they will be.





It is very important to make organic food and other things part of our lives in order to stay fit and healthy.

The Best of Japanese Skin Care Secrets

The purpose behind writing all the stuff about Japanese lifestyle and food was to give you guys an idea about how they live. The way a person lives has a huge impact in the skin. A healthy and clean lifestyle would always give good results.

As we have seen that Japanese eat fish and rice the most and it also shows on their skin.

The Rice Mask

In my post Learn to Make Top 5 Anti Aging Masks at Home Recipes, I discussed a few masks that you can easily make at home. Those were meant for reversing all the aging signs. A similar recipe Japanese women apply on their face to look young and beautiful is a rice mask. You may be wondering, what a rice mask can do to the skin? A rice mask is a very powerful mask that can ward off any signs of aging and would bring the natural glow to the skin. Isn’t it amazing? Lets look at how this mask actually works.

So, as we know that Japanese skin care secrets starts from a rice mask, this has been used for ages now. This traditional mask would bring out the youthfulness in you. Here is the recipe to make it at home:

This rice mask can be prepared very easily in less than five minutes.

How to Make the Rice Mask


  • Left over rice or fully cooked rice 2 tablespoon
  • Honey 1 tablespoon
  • Little water to make a smooth paste


Take left over rice or cooked rice in a bowl and mash it till it becomes a paste. You can add water to help the rice get mashed easily. Now add the honey and leave it for ten minutes. Apply this mixture on a clean face and let it dry for at least twenty minutes. The starch in rice would tighten the skin removing any wrinkles and the honey would give the skin a natural glow. When the mask has dried off, wash with plain water. Use this mask at least thrice a week and see amazing results in very short time.

This mask has been used for ages now and still is a common practice among Japanese women. This not only bring out a young and flawless skin but also gives a glow. Many girls use high end products to look young and beautiful. This cheap mask would leave all high end products behind!


To look young and beautiful, start taking fish at least twice a week. Exercise as much as you can because everyone knows the amazing effects of exercise in one’s body and mind. Don’t this mask at least thrice a week and you will see for yourself that how your skin will be transformed in less than two months. A little consistency would give you a flawless and glowing skin naturally. So this is no longer a secret now. Start following the Japanese way of keeping your skin beautiful.

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