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7 Steps to Have the Most Beautiful Smile in the World

Everybody wants to have the most beautiful smile in the world.  A perfect smile makes a person very beautiful and everybody should put an effort to achieve that perfect smile.

Having white teeth that are also perfectly aligned is not the only criteria for a good smile. There are certain other factors which assist in making your smile attractive. I have always heard the million dollar smile phrase but never understood what it actually meant. When I did some research on oral hygiene, I got to know the worth of having a good smile and believe me it is beyond a million dollar.


You don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive whitening products, orthodontic solutions or cosmetics to have the perfect smile.

Taking care of your teeth and overall health can do wonders to your skin, appearance and smile.

Let’s look into the secrets of having a smile worth millions.


1. Proper Brushing

beautiful smile in the world

This is the first secret to having clean, healthy teeth and gums. The health of your teeth is the basic step towards a good overall health. If you wish to have good teeth, brushing should be more focused on. Some people think that “Oh we brush teeth twice everyday but still the teeth are not in good shape.” The most important thing is how you brush your teeth rather than when you brush them. The first step in proper brushing is to choose the right brush.


Dentists recommend getting a antibacterial toothbrush so that there is no harmful bacteria on the brush the next time you brush your teeth. Such a toothbrush is scientifically designed and it is not very expensive either.


Another good option to try, which is a bit more costly, is to try an electric toothbrush to benefit from many technological advantages, such as connecting with your smartphone using Bluetooth to get real time feedback on brushing habits.

How to Brush:

Proper brushing means that you focus on cleaning each and every teeth. From up and down to back and forth motions, you need to keep your brush at a 45 angle with the gum line so that the teeth are brushed in a proper way. After you have brushed your teeth, you also need to brush the tongue and the roof of your mouth. The reason behind doing this to remove any bad bacteria in the mouth which would cause bad breath. If you are unable to brush your teeth after eating, you should at least rinse your mouth with water.


2. Proper Flossing

beautiful smile in the world

This technique to keep your teeth healthy and clean is often ignored and only adopted by few who are conscious about their oral hygiene. Flossing is done to remove any food particles stuck between your teeth where your brush can’t reach.  Flossing once a day would minimize your risk of having infections and other diseases from poor teeth condition. Food particles left inside your teeth would cause bacteria to grow inside which would lead to many diseases.


There are many areas where the brush can’t do its job so the dental floss comes right in.


Visit Importance of Daily Flossing to learn why flossing is even more important than brushing and how to floss properly to achieve the desired result.


3. Using Mouthwash

healthy teeth and gums

Not all mouthwash products are useful and you need to select just the right one. Mouthwash containing Listerine is the best option as it would aid in killing all the bacteria in your mouth making the teeth healthy and clean. This would actually prevent from having any bad breath which has become a common problem these days. Mouthwash can be used once a day to keep your mouth fresh.



Listerine products are available in many different varieties. The peppermint and herbal mint flavors are the most popular.


All varieties are free from artificial flavor, dyes, fluoride and sweeteners.

You achieve three benefits when you use a mouthwash on regular basis:

  • cure bad breath
  • prevent gum disease
  • get rid of plaque

4. Start Taking Calcium and Vitamin D

As we all know that calcium and vitamin D are very essential for our bones and teeth. You need to make sure that you are taking enough of both. Calcium and vitamin D would actually make the teeth stronger and healthier. I have seen a lot of people deficient in vitamin D which is the leading cause for many illnesses. The best source for vitamin D is the sunlight.  In this busy world of ours, we don’t get enough time to spend outside on a daily basis.

We all need at least 30 minutes of direct sunlight to get enough vitamin D for the body. There are places where there is very less sunlight so people have deficiency of vitamin D. To make sure you are getting enough vitamin D is to start taking calcium and vitamin D supplements. It would strengthen your bones and teeth.

calcium and vitamin D

Recommended by doctors and nutritionists all over the world!

5. Drink Plain Water Instead of Frizzy Drinks

All soda and frizzy drinks contain high levels of phosphorus which is needed by body in small amounts.


beautiful smile in the world

When the level of phosphorus increases in the body, it starts to deplete the calcium level. As a result, the bones and teeth get weaker and cause a lot of problems. I have seen tooth decay and gum diseases due to high intake of soda drinks. If the drinks have additives added, it would allow discoloration of your teeth.


The pearly white teeth would appear yellow and dull. A lot of caffeine drinks would also cause this problem. It is better to limit your intake of tea and coffee to make the teeth appear white and bright. To avoid any such thing to happen, make sure that your teeth are not getting much soda and caffeine drinks.

If drinking coffee and tea have already done the damage, try some of the teeth whitening products available on the market that include toothpastes, whitening strips, mouthwash, whitening pen, and whitening toothbrushes.


6. Avoid Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

no smoking

You must have noticed that smoking and drinking comes together when unhealthy things are to be avoided. Smoking and drinking alcohol are the major causes for any disease. It has the potential to lead to any kind of cancer which is rapidly increasing. To avoid any kind of oral cancer, make sure you stop taking tobacco and alcohol. They have adverse effects on your teeth and gums too.



If you have bad teeth and gums, your dentist would ask about smoking and drinking alcohol first.

7. Visit Your Dentist Regularly

healthy teeth and gums

It is very important to check on your oral and dental health. A visit to the dentist would make sure that your teeth are doing well. He would look inside and determine the overall health of your teeth and gums. He would also check for any cavities or tooth decay by carrying out X ray. This would help you put your teeth and gums in a healthier spot. People often avoid going to a dentist due to high bills.



A visit to the dentist at least once every six months is very necessary.


Going to the dentist is very essential as it could prevent you from having diabetes, heart diseases, systemic infections and other diseases. Yes, I couldn’t believe it either as how can a tooth problem lead to all these life threatening conditions. It is a known fact now that your health starts from your mouth.


In my post 10 Celebrity Secrets for Glowing Skin and Shiny Hair Revealed, I mentioned a celebrity who has the most beautiful smile. Who do you think that might be? Give your vote to let us know about your opinion!

You have seen that the most beautiful smile in the world is not restricted to white and straight teeth. A beautiful smile is a healthy smile. To keep healthy teeth and gums at all times, start following these secrets. It would help your oral and dental health to be good, widening your smile with happiness.

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