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4 Amazing Tips to Grow Long Curly Hair in Weeks

People with curly or wavy hair want to grow long curly hair but more often than not they use all the wrong tips and end up having a haircut to manage their hair well.

Naturally curly hair looks very attractive especially if it is healthy and glossy. Some people are of the opinion that it is not possible to grow long curly hair because it is simply impossible to take care of such a texture. Moreover, when you get a haircut even if it’s a short trim, it seems as if it will take years to grow the hair back to an optimal length again.

grow long curly hair

Some of the tips to grow long and healthy curly hair is to avoid using machines that supply heat to your hair and reduce the friction to get rid of the frizz that usually occurs when you try to dry your hair. This is probably a problem almost all women with curly or wavy hair face. But there’s no need to worry since the hair experts keep coming up with useful advice to help you grow thick, beautiful curls in no time at all.

Here are the top 4 tips to grow long curly hair and keep it shiny and healthy:


1. Avoid using straighteners and blow dryers

healthy curly hair tips

While a hair straightener gives a very neat look to your hair, it is better to use it very rarely. If you don’t want to permanently straighten your hair, simply avoid using appliances that would damage your hair due to heat. These include hair straighteners and blow dryers. Some people think using curling wands is ok but it is recommended to avoid even that. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, there is no need to use these appliances anyway. If straightening hair is a must, use only high quality products.

I recommend trying HSI Professional Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener.

Remember healthy hair needs just a little oiling every now and again along with a few home remedies and that’s about it.


2. Get regular hair trims

grow long curly hair

It’s a myth that getting regular trims would stop hair growth and you will end up at a fixed length. The reality is, if you don’t get regular hair trims, you will end up having split ends that would make your hair look bad. Moreover, these split ends will hinder hair growth and the situation will lead to hair breakage at a very early age. So, visit your hair stylist every three to four months in order to get healthy curly hair and a fresher look.

3. Don’t over-brush your hair

healthy curly hair

Detangling curly hair is a headache especially after taking a shower. Women with curly hair tend to over-brush their hair just to get rid of the tangles. But this is a practice we won’t recommend because over-brushing can damage your hair roots and make it look unhealthy and dull. Instead, use a good hair conditioner after shampooing your hair to get a smooth and slippery texture. It would be easy to detangle hair using your fingers after using a conditioner.


There is a special detangling brush available for curly hair. Try it and you won’t feel frustrated about your hair anymore.


4. Prevent frizz by plopping your curls

Drying hair using towels is common; however, this leads to extremely frizzy hair and eventually hair breakage. Avoid frizzy hair by sleeping on a soft satin pillow and stop using a towel to dry your hair. If it is absolutely necessary, use a cotton T-shirt instead. There is a popular method known as “plopping” to dry curly hair.

Plopping is an anti-frizz hair technique used by women the world over for curly hair.

frizz free curls

Here is how to plop your hair for ideal curls:

It’s a six step process and all you are going to need is a soft fabric and your favorite curly hair styling product. The first step is to find a soft fabric, such as cotton, microfiber and stretchable T-shirt or a jersey fabric. The important thing is to replace your regular towel with something very soft so that it won’t scratch the strands and cause frizz.

In step 2, you will be using that styling product on your damp hair down to the full length. Lightly blot your hair to remove excess water to initiate the drying process. Next, lay the piece of fabric straight on a surface where you can place your head. Put down your crown on the fabric and let your hair spill into the fabric. Next, wrap up your hair in the fabric and cross the ends over the back of your neck to tie them. Lift your head back up and tie any other loose ends that might be hanging on the sides.


hair plopping

Image source: Hair Plopping


Now wait for at least 20 to 30 minutes before the curls are finally set before taking the fabric back. Some people even leave the T-shirt on for the entire night. This is even better and it will bring the best results. But remember to apply that styling product before you do this. The result is beautiful curly hair with absolutely no frizz.

This is known as plopping and we hope you find it extremely easy to follow!


There is no rocket science behind this hair care procedure but you will soon find that it is the best tip you have ever received for styling your healthy curly hair and helping it grow to unimaginable lengths. To find the best product that suits your hair type and texture, try a few products by popular brands like Garnier. Some of the top picks include Curl Nourish Conditioner, Curl Nourish Butter Cream, and Scrunch Controlling Gel. You may want to use any one or all of these products for the best results.

There are many other methods for drying curly hair to avoid frizz especially if you’re not in the mood to wait for 30 minutes before removing the fabric. You may want to try them out and they are known as overnight methods for crying curly hair.

The trend of having curly hair is here to stay. But definitely taking care of curly or wavy hair is 10 times as difficult as taking care of straight or silky hair. There are tips however that may make this job easier for you especially if you want to grow it long. Take care of your beautiful curls to prevent slit ends, heat damage and major hair breakage. Simply follow the above mentioned tips to make this dream of having long curls come true.

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