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7 Men’s Beauty Tips They Feel Embarrassed to Ask

How many times have we heard men asking about men’s beauty tips or personal grooming advice? Maybe we haven’t heard them asking ever. Men are very embarrassed to ask such things which they feel would harm their masculine image.

The trend has changed now and men should be more comfortable then women to ask about such things as they too have every right to look good.

Personal grooming is a part of everyone’s look and how people carry themselves, it doesn’t mean men are doing anything wrong.

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Unfortunately, fashion and beauty industry focus more on women than men. I feel that every person should strive to look good and it would not only make them look beautiful but would also boost their confidence.

I believe for men it is always a good idea to see what is required at the moment. There are times when men are too lazy to get to a barber shop or a salon to get their things done. From a haircut to a facial, men need to be proactive about their grooming requirements. Lets see which are the best men’s beauty tips which they are too embarrassed to ask.


1. Blow dry after a haircut

A good haircut followed by a blow dry would actually make sure that their hair looks super cool.

men's beauty tips


The first thing which a man needs to do is get a haircut. Men often don’t realize that they need a haircut. They may grow loads of hair on their top floor without realizing the need of going to a barber. A proactive approach would always make them look good by having an impeccable haircut. Some men hesitate in getting a blow dry done after a haircut. Well,  now that we all know, a good blow dry would actually enhance the fine cut of your hair.




2. How to get a perfect manicure/pedicure

men's beauty tips

Men often feel embarrassed when they ask about a manicure or pedicure. They are also a little reluctant in going to a salon for such services. Well for all those men who feel hesitant towards getting a manicure done, you need to keep your hands and feet clean so the best way to is to book an appointment at the salon.



Keeping one’s hands and feet clean is the basic hygienically right thing to do.


3. Men’s beauty tips – Getting a facial service

men's facial

Facials are a way to clean the skin of the face and make it glow. Facials are often associated with women as people believe that women need to get facials done. This is a thing of the past now. Everybody regardless of gender, needs to get a facial done at least once a month. It would not only keep the face glowing but healthy too. Taking regular facials also reduces fine lines and wrinkles on the face and makes it appear youthful.



The face feels dull after sometime and needs rejuvenation to make it appear more fresh and glowing.


4. Using anti-wrinkle creams

men's beauty tips

We have seen that anti wrinkle treatments only focus on women and excludes men. Aging is a process for both and it needs to be handled with utmost care. Aging occurs with the passage of time and by the time you reach 35, signs of aging start appearing. This is true for both men and women and there are many anti wrinkle products to choose from formulated for men and women separately .



The reason being that men have a thick skin layer then women and they need different types of creams. So, now men should not be shy enough to ask for anti aging products as its their right to look young too.


5. Eyebrow plucking

Men usually feel very awkward if they have to ask about getting eyebrows done.

men's eyebrow plucking

Eyebrow plucking is mostly done by women to make their eyebrows more presentable. Some people have very rugged and bushy eyebrows which need to be given a refined shape. Similarly, some men have weird eyebrows which need to be given a proper shape. There is nothing to be ashamed of as sometimes eyebrows need to be plucked for a better look. Men require it more than women and it should be a men’s beauty service more.


6. Dyeing hair

If men have premature graying of hair, they need to grab a hair color product as soon as possible.


There are hair color products available especially for men not just to cover gray hair but also for a refreshed and more groomed look. Men have equal right to dye their hair as women do. Women often dye their hair because of premature graying or they get bored of the same hair color. Men need to do that quite often too. By changing the color of your hair which suits you would have a very positive effect on the way you look. There is nothing to be shy about. It would only make them look younger and confident.

7. Removing blackheads

blackhead remover

Those nasty little spots on your nose look so ugly which needs to be removed immediately. This is not only a woman’s thing to do and men should not avoid it. If men have to use blackhead remover strips or even a nose mask, they should go for it. It would give your face a very clean look. This is a DIY service which doesn’t require any professional help and you don’t need to spend a lot of money either. These masks and strips are not very costly.



All you need to do is, clean your face properly and apply the mask if you are using that. Leave it on for a couple of minutes and take it off by peeling. It would come off very easily, leaving your pores free of dirt, whiteheads and blackheads.


The men’s beauty tips discussed here are meant to motivate men to head towards a salon and get pampered too. These beauty tips would make them look good and confident. These services are no longer meant for women to go for but equally important for men too. Only 5-10% men avail any kind of beauty service which is rather low. Making yourself beautiful from outside is a necessary thing to do. It would certainly boost your confidence and lift your spirits. So, the next time you feel embarrassed to ask about men’s beauty tips, just think you have a right to look awesome too!

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