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Learn How to be a Fashion Icon in 5 Simple Steps

From our clothes and accessories to shoes and makeup, everything we wear should be trendy and in fashion. It is important to learn how to be a fashion icon because we experience fashion in almost everything around us.

So what really is fashion? Let’s see what fashion actually means.

Fashion is the style of dressing up and how you look. Your style of clothes, accessories, hairstyles, shoes and makeup when combined together is known as fashion. Everybody wants to follow the latest trends and look fashionable but the true sense of fashion is possessed by only few. A fashion icon is a person who is stylish and chic with all the fashionable attributes. You have to set trends for the future if you want to be the fashion icon. This article discusses how to be a fashion icon in five simple steps.

How to be a Fashion Icon 

1. Know the meaning of a fashion icon

Not everybody knows what fashion icon really means. A person can only be a fashion icon if others follow what is set by that person. For that, you would need to be trendy and chic. You would have to follow the latest fashion trends and which style would go with your personality. At times, you do follow what fashion currently is about but it may not suit you so in that case, you need to see what really is your style statement. Fashion is different for different people and every individual carries it with his/her own unique style. Before you want to jump on to the fashion icon bandwagon, you need to know what a fashion icon really means. Fashion for me means being comfortable in whatever you have to wear and carry it with confidence. For others, it might mean something different. So first identity what a fashion icon is to you.

2. Be confident

Confidence is your best accessory which you can wear with almost anything.

tips to be a fashion icon

If you can carry yourself with élan and panache then it would make you confident. People always admire confidence in a person. The positive energy needs to be shown all the time. A dull and boring person would never be able to mark his/her presence noticed. Never should you look down and out as this would give you low confidence and self esteem. Raise your energy levels and bring in more confidence and get ready to conquer the world. Whatever you wear, make sure you carry it well and show your confidence there even if you are not comfortable wearing it. Confidence would hide your minor flaws and would take you to an another level.

3. Don’t blend in with others

If you are going to be just like any other person out there then trust me, you would stay where you are. To stand out in a crowd, you have to be different and there should be an extra spark which makes you unique. You need to make fashion unique and your own personal style stand out in a huge crowd. For this, you need to experiment a little more. Keep experimenting different styles on yourself with regards to clothes, accessories or make up. If you feel that a particular lip color doesn’t suit you then try wearing that lip color with another accessory. At some point, it will work out so you need to keep trying to make yourself unique from others. By unique, I don’t mean that you make yourself a laughing stock. Be unique, yet stylish.

4. Remember that fashion sense doesn’t come in days

Before starting off, you need to keep this thing in mind that fashion sense would not happen in a matter of days. It will require you to first have an understanding of what fashion is all about then you would need some experimenting and after having some failures, you would soon get it right. All this process takes time and the transformation in the end would surely make it worth the struggle. So be patient and work on your style statement and follow these tips to be a fashion icon. Keep working on your self and there would be a time when everything would be spot on and people would look at you with awe.

5. Select your fashion role model

Your fashion role model would be the one who has set certain trends in the fashion industry and is able to make headlines in the fashion column.

Now this part is a tricky one as there are many things involved here. Now selecting a fashion role model is a very difficult job in terms of getting it right. You have to select someone who is renowned for his/her fashion aesthetics. Sometimes we may find someone who we aspire to be but we don’t really end up where we should. In that case, you need to unwind and see where you went wrong.  You have to follow the person’s fashion endeavors but do not copy them. I repeat here, “Don’t copy anyone.” You can get inspiration from someone but you have to create your own style to make a mark. Your fashion role model could either be a celebrity or a top fashion designer.

how to be a fashion icon



You also need to follow top fashion designers and the kind of things they make. From the gorgeous Valentino to the classic Armani, you need to keep an eye on what they launch and what goes with your style if you want to know how to be a fashion icon. These top fashion designers have been in the fashion business for so long and they are fully aware of what is happening around.


Being a fashion icon is not an easy job but when you put your head to it, you would know that how exciting it gets when you are recognized as a fashionista. People actually look up to you for more and not necessarily related to fashion only. You just become the trend setter which everybody wants to follow. Your individual style is the key here which would make you different and chic from the rest. This would boost your confidence more as a person and you would feel just at the top of this world.

These tips to be a fashion icon have been implemented and shared here so that people can get the correct guidance from the correct source!

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