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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Spider Lashes

Spider lashes are back with a bang! No wonder so many women want to learn how to make spider lashes using an easy but complete guide. So, here we are describing each step in detail as well as mentioning the product needed at each stage for a perfect eye makeup with cool and spikey spider lashes.

how to make spider lashes

How to Make Spider Lashes?

Let’s look at the process in a step wise approach.

Step 1: Clean your eyes properly

You need to have clean eyes before anything can be applied to them.

Wash your face properly and pat dry so that it is no longer wet.

Splash some water in your eyes too so that they become fresh and clear. Similarly, your eyelashes need to be washed thoroughly to take out any dirt which is present.


Step 2: Curl the eyelashes

You can always take this step as an option but if done, it would give a very refined effect to the lashes. You need to choose an eyelash curler which is able to curl all the lashes evenly and without any hassle. There are a number of curlers available on the market which would give the long lasting curl effect.

Step 3: Brush your eyelashes

This is an important step as the eye lashes may get tangled just like your hair. When the hair gets tangled, you need to comb them so that they even out. Similarly, eye lashes get tangled too and needs to have a neat look for any kind of makeup to work out. You need to use an eyelash brush which comes in different forms so that your eye lashes are brushed properly. You can also use your fingers to lift them but I would suggest you to use a brush for that neat look.

Step 4: Apply face powder

Before you move on to applying mascara, you should always apply face powder so that your eye lashes will take the mascara effectively. It would provide a base for the mascara to work. It is just similar to applying a foundation for your face to make it ready for any make up product to be added.

Step 5: Apply spider lash mascara

spider lash mascara


Now you can apply any spider lash mascara on your eyelashes. Make sure that every hair is covered and evenly gets the mascara. This would be your first coating.

Step 6: Apply face powder again

When once the first mascara layer dries out, you need to apply the second one but before doing that you would need to apply face powder again. Use either a Q tip or just your fingers to put some powder on your eye lashes. This is an important step in how to make spider lashes, so don’t overlook its significance.

Step 7: Apply second coat of mascara

After applying the face powder, you need to put the second coat of mascara and watch the clumpy eye lashes. They would appear just like a spider does. You can also do the same with the lower eye lashes but if you don’t want a very dramatic look then you can just do with a single layer.

If you feel that the eyelashes are getting too clumpy then try and put some mascara again and with a brush you can even out the section of the hair which you find more clumpy.

Step 8: Curl the eyelashes with your fingers


The last step is to curl them with the help of your fingers to give it the final touch. Your eyelashes are ready to rock your eyes.

So this is it! I hope you found the tutorial easy to follow and straight forward. Still, if there are any queries you are always welcome to post a comment and let me know. Have fun curling and styling your eyelashes!

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