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5 Super Effective Ways to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat Naturally

Have you tried thousands of methods to lose body fat that didn’t work? Join the club! Here I would be sharing some amazing ways to lose stubborn belly fat naturally.

Our body reflects the way we look. At times it becomes very important to listen to our brains than our tummy. Our brain keeps on telling us that we need to look good and eat proportionately but the stomach feels the opposite. It keeps telling us that it needs more food and food that we truly love. Well, the battle goes on and the brain has to give up in the end, making us unpleasant and pear shaped. I have always seen people who are struggling with their weight very unhealthy. They are either battling  a major disease or going through the side effects of obesity such as laziness, procrastination and in severe cases depression.

Now what makes your body fit and healthy is a question we often ask ourselves. There was a time when I struggled with my body weight after having a child. Being overweight is not a pleasant feeling and at times it makes a person depressed. I didn’t know what had to be done in order to get back in shape. I kept on doing my research and applying certain methods to make my body lose some fat and I did succeed.

1. Eat Right

By eating right, it means that you are having a balanced diet. A balanced diet is the one which includes the correct amount of carbs, proteins and fats. People who are obese often take more carbs than required. Carbs are the source of energy and when the body doesn’t need the energy, these carbs are stored in the body as fat for future use. This is the point when a person tends to get fat by having more body fat due to carbs. The first step for losing body fat is to keep your carbs under control. If you’re trying to lose weight while eating healthy, check out my post Top 6 Super Easy Diet Recipes for Weight Watchers to include all the essential nutrients in your daily diet.

To avoid having too much fat, you need to take less carbs.

lose belly fat naturally

The carbs include rice, pasta, tortillas, potatoes and bread. These carbs when taken in small amounts are very healthy to provide energy for the body but when too much of carbs are consumed than the body needs, it gets stored as fat which would eventually make the body fat.  Try and include more protein so that you are able to eat well and cut down on carbs. You can easily take meat, fish and poultry in reasonable amounts. You also need to include fruits and vegetables in your diet so that you stay healthy and fit. Fruits and vegetables would not make your body fat but would fill your tummy whenever you are hungry but with these too, you need to be careful as taking a lot would not be good either.

You need to reduce processed food in your diet as it tends to make your body fat too. Processed food is highly unhealthy which puts your body at risk for many diseases. Similarly, large intake of saturated fats would also contribute in making your body out of shape. You need to replace white bread with brown bread and white rice with brown ones. This would have less calories and equally fulfilling for your tummy’s requirements. A small portion of nuts would also benefit your body in taking healthy food without gaining too much weight.

2. Exercise Whenever you Can

The key to a good body is to control the intake of what’s going inside you and exercising. Without exercising, nothing would work in reducing your body fat. You need to choose a program which would suit your body requirements and make it healthy.

A good cardio could at times work perfectly well and make a difference. A simple walk could also benefit many people who are not able to work out hard. For people who need a lighter way to exercise should go for long walks. We have often heard that exercising is good for losing body fat but most of us want to know how does it help in reducing body fat.



According to LiveStrong, Kettlebell exercises are the fastest way to lose belly fat.

Whenever you exercise, you are actually needing more energy and that energy you would be getting from the carbs you eat. If you eat less carbs, the fat deposited in your body would be used to give that energy. So it means that whenever you are exercising, you are consuming more fat which would make you look thin.

3. Green Tea for the Rescue

lose stubborn belly fat naturallyThis is a tried and tested way of losing body fat. Green tea is the ideal way to lose stubborn belly fat naturally. Green tea is immensely beneficial for your whole body. It contains antioxidants which helps your body in getting healthy and combating diseases. If you add a lemon to your green tea, it would do wonders. You should include lemons otherwise too as it would give you many other benefits. Make green tea part of your healthy regime so that you get back into shape quickly.


Lemon has great capability to absorb fat, making you lean and fit.


4. Make your Metabolism High

Metabolism is the process where your food is broken down and gives out energy to carry your daily activities. If the metabolism rate is slow, it means that it is taking more time for the food to be broken down and giving you energy. You need to make this process high so that the food is broken down fast.


Cayenne pepper is the best way to make your metabolism rate high. Capsaicin in the cayenne pepper which makes it hot, has the potential to increase the blood flow in the stomach which would make the metabolism rate high.



You can always try cayenne pepper for high metabolism.

5. Sleep Well

Sleep is the basic necessity for your body to unwind and heal naturally. All your hormones and body functions need ample sleep to perform normal. When you are sleep deprived, you would be tired which would make you less active. You would work less and eat more. Your hormones would just go out of whack leaving your body unhealthy.



In order to lose body fat quickly, work on your sleep hours so that you stay fresh and energetic.


These methods would improve your overall bodily functions and give you strength and energy to lose stubborn belly fat naturally. A healthy routine is the perfect routine to get back into shape. All you need is a little determination which would motivate you into adopting healthy ways for your body to stay fit. You also need to be consistent about your daily workout and diet choices. Weight loss takes time and is a gradual process. If you try too hard then you might see the reverse effects on your body. Take it easy and do it gradually till you get to your target.

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